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​As a class, we will strive to
and we will work together to achieve our goals.  


On this site you will find information about our second grade class. I will be teaching all the subjects to your children.  A schedule and general info can be found on this site.  Homework and important announcements will be found on Class Dojo.  Email me if you need the class code.    If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at school by calling my direct line, 570-477-4329. The best time to call would be between 8:20 and 8:50AM .  Otherwise, it will go to my voicemail, and I will call you back.  You can also email me at  


Recommended School Supplies:

This is optional, but if you wanted to bring supplies, the following would be helpful: pencil box, pencils, whiteboard markers, scissors, crayons,  glue sticks, and tissues.   I will also provide them with these supplies if they don't bring them in.



Tissues (always needed throughout the year)

Hand Sanitizer 

Chlorox wipes

Thank you in advance for any of these donations. We greatly appreciate it!

Transportation Routines: 

The one paper that you filled out tells me your child's transportation routine.  If that routine should ever change throughout the year, please write me another note explaining the changes.  Thank you. 







Mrs. Audra Lehman
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